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What's A Good Diet To Lose Weight

what's a good diet to lose weight

    lose weight
  • reduce: take off weight

  • Weight loss, in the context of medicine, health or physical fitness, is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon and other connective tissue.

  • There is evidence that both men and women who gain weight in adulthood increase their risk of diabetes.

  • having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified; "good news from the hospital"; "a good report card"; "when she was good she was very very good"; "a good knife is one good for cutting"; "this stump will make a good picnic table"; "a good check"; "a good

  • well: (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well'); "the children behaved well"; "a task well done"; "the party went well"; "he slept well"; "a well-argued thesis"; "a well-seasoned dish";

  • Well

  • benefit; "for your own good"; "what's the good of worrying?"

  • Restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight

  • a prescribed selection of foods

  • follow a regimen or a diet, as for health reasons; "He has high blood pressure and must stick to a low-salt diet"

  • a legislative assembly in certain countries (e.g., Japan)

100 of 365: I'm not fluffy...

100 of 365: I'm not fluffy...

careful, rant ahead...not like many people actually read what's below a photo...

Tina, you have such a pretty face if only you'd lose some weight...

Tina, you're so talented, if only you'd lose some weight...

Tina, you're so funny, if only you'd lose some weight...

Tina, the house is on fire and our precious memories are burning up in flames, if only you'd lose some weight...

I'm fat. There is no "pretty" way to say it.

Don't call me "fluffy". Don't call me "thick". Don't call me "chubby".

All are terms reserved for bunnies, idiots and a erections in my opinion. I'm fat. I'm also beautiful...And yes, I can be both...

I've spent my entire life with one person after another giving me an "if only" paired with a ridiculous statement. For years I allowed this to torment me to tears, rage, self starvation, self mutilation, and whatever else was running through my head to just feel better...to just be...pretty...That's all I ever wanted...To be pretty...To be accepted and loved just as I am...No, I'm not skinny. No, I don't have a small ass or small thighs...But guess what? I'm also short. I've got a round nose. Stubby fingers and toes. I have a mole between large breasts that are soft pillows, not firm bricks or tiny pointed tic tac's...And I'm okay with this...Because it's me...

My weight doesn't reflect my personality, my heart, my emotions, no more than my stubby toes do. I workout, I eat less than most people, and I keep myself constantly occupied. I'm funny but also self-depricating. A skill I learned early on if I wanted to survive my peers and beat them to an excruciating verbal punch about my weight.

So no, I'm not thin. I likely never will be and that's okay. No, it's more than okay, it's damn alright. I won't take diet pills or starve myself or go on some crazy carb-free, sugar-free, protein-free, air-free, fuckhead diet where I go on a stairmaster for six-hours while nibbling on pills just so some narrow-minded media and fuckwit follower can tell me I'm not good enough...

I also know I'm not the only one. We all have something we hate about ourselves. Fat girls hate skinny girls because they have "it" and skinny girls hate fat girls because they have "it"...Well, what the fuck is "it"? Can someone tell me they are 100% happy with themselves right now? Skinny, fat, short, tall, long hair, short hair, fucking rainbow hair, we're all walking around feeling pretty shitty now and then and half of the time it's because we let some ignorant schmuck make us feel that way...Well I'm tired of it...I'm tired of not thinking I'm good enough when in reality I know I am and I don't need validation from anyone...Not friends, not family, not even the boyfriend who has never once thought less of me because of my weight like some others...

It's day 100 of my 365 Days and I'm choosing to stop killing myself inside over idiots...To stop just saying "I'm okay" and instead start believing it...Here's to hoping I actually can...I'm determined to look back in a year and have accomplished a little more self love...Just a little...

So excuse me right now, I have dinner waiting...And fuck it I'm having dessert with it...

/end transmission.

New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution

Why weight loss shouldn't be your New Year Resolution 2011.

1. To begin with, let's avoid anything to do with this extremely negative word 'Loss' - Robin Sharma is right , let's talk about ?Gain? not ?Loss?.

2. If you think losing weight is sexy and girls like it , you're wrong. Shane Warne weighs 85 kg and poor Arun Nayar is at least 10kg lighter. I won?t post Liz?s pics here , please google.

3. Some say , if you lose weight, you'll live longer ? Even if it?s true , what's the fun in living a long life when you spent half of your life worrying and thinking about losing something. Even Rujuta Diwekar says that most of us "Lose mind to Lose weight" then why try.

4. Why don't you get in shape? If this bothers you perhaps you didn't study physics, maths, whatever carefully. 'Round' is a shape, and an awesome shape.

5. Are you scared of your height? No na , then why get scared of your width. Love every ?dimension? of your life.

6. Rooney says, ?The biggest seller is cookbooks and the second is diet books ? how not to eat what you?ve just learned how to cook.?.

7. For those who are little scientific in their approach , let me bust this myth. You may have heard of something called Body Mass Index or BMI.

BMI = Weight in kilograms / Height in meters?

Now tell me , how can this be correct , when we all know we can't increase our height, so all we are left with weight. It's an absolutely one sided formula, better ignored.

8. Think about millions of people employed directly or indirectly by KFC and McDonalds. Now if all of a sudden, you stop buying French Fries , who'll feed thousands of farmers and their kids who grow potatos.

9. You really think that Dieting is good for health , when the word itself begins with Die. It's suicidal and attempting suicide is a crime in many countries. Still if you want to Die , why not Die Eating.

10. To lose weight, they say "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper" , This is ridiculous , when you get a chance to Be a King , three times a day , why be a pauper at all.

what's a good diet to lose weight

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